Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From the Bottom of My Heart, Thank You!

Yesterday, Lesbi Crafty reached 10,000 pageviews.  10,000!  Within less than a year of this little blog's existence!

I don't get to use this gif often enough.
Thank you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When I started the blog on May 30th last year (there will be a birthday post :3), I didn't think that I would reach as many people as I have, especially within the first year.  I'm still not sure how this happened, but I'm incredibly grateful.  You all, dear readers, think that what I have to say is valid and interesting (or, if you're a hate-reader, you consider my blog important enough in your life to hate-read, so thanks for wasting you time on me).

The funny thing is, I don't know who a lot of you are.

Blogger can tell me some things.  I know that over two thirds of my views come from the US, and that I have people who've read the blog in Brazil, Russia, Norway, and Germany.  I know that one tenth of those views are for one post, Voting: Why You Should Care, which even now is still my most frequently read post.  I know that people have Googled me in Canada (or at least people were brought to my blog through a Google search while in Canada).

But I still don't know who many of you readers are.  I have friends and family who read me, for sure, but even within the first couple of months of blogging I knew that strangers were reading, as well.  When I started cross-posting to BlogHer, two of my pieces got featured and each of those got hundreds of views, all from people I've never met.

So, who are you?  If you're a regular reader, what keeps you coming back?  What brought you here in the first place?

I want to see actual comments! :D

And again, to all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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