Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Prayer for Jack

My cousin Kari and her husband are expecting their first child soon.  Because I love family and babies, I decided to celebrate by knitting a small hat for baby Jack.

You'll be getting the hat with another present from my mom in the mail, Kari. <3
I knew that I didn't want to go with blue or pink for this hat.  Not because I hate masculine things or gendering babies (I'm annoyed by the gendering of all things Baby but that's something for another time).  No, I chose green because I didn't want to make any assumptions on who Jack would turn out to be.  And as I knit, I kept thinking about this life that's about to be born.  And (brace yourselves, non-religious friends)... I prayed.

I prayed that Jack will be born healthy and strong.

I prayed that he will be safe but allowed to explore his world.

I prayed that when he tells his parents who he is, whoever that is, they'll listen.

I continue to pray for him.

I pray that the world in which he grows up will be better than what we have now.

I pray that no matter who he is, the world will have a place for him.

I pray that he will have access to what he needs, even as people today think that he shouldn't if he hasn't "earned it".

And I pray that, no matter who Jack ends up being, whether he's an athlete, a businessman, or an artist; rich or poor; straight or queer; man, woman, or something else entirely...

I pray that he knows he's loved in this world.  His parents love him.  His grandparents love him.  His Auntie Sonja loves him.  God loves him.

And as long as he's loved, he's going to be okay.

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